Love & mathematics

After having known stage and recognition, Billy, a former youth singer, is stuck with his life, he has no other occupation than taking care of his son and his wife's dog. However, an encounter with a former fan will confront him with the decisions he has made in his life so far. Learn more


Death to the summer

In Monterrey, Mexico, the life of teenager Dante goes by with a single motivation: the death metal band he has formed with his friends. However, the appearance of Lucy, his brother's girlfriend, forever changes his way of seeing the world. Learn more

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The idol

Tomás is a musician who has lost everything: his job, his home and his girlfriend. In order to forget, he decides to drink in a bar. There he meets Michel Dax, his great musical idol, who invites him to stay with him. Together they present Tomás' work as if it were a creation of the renowned artist. Learn more

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When some evil birds threaten his father and take over the circus, Cuco decides to travel to Hollywood to ask for help from the American, a television superhero. Learn more

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In the blood

Mateo, an intellectual and a loner, returns to the city after living abroad, finding himself between comfort and confusion when spending time with Tomás, his brother, and his girlfriend, Nadia. Learn more

The hamsters

Family members go to great lengths to hide secrets from each other. The father is unemployed, the mother is having a crisis about her age, the daughter is in a love triangle and the son got his girlfriend pregnant. Learn more


Fausto is a successful 64-year-old painter, who just at the peak of his career is destined to experience the dramatic suicide of his wife, who is his only family. This event inexplicably will lead Fausto to travel back in time. Opening the possibility of changing the fate of the woman he loved his entire life. Learn more

The Chiefs

Poncho, a student from a prestigious university in northern Mexico, finds himself immersed for a single day in a dizzying adventure through the different levels of the drug world. Learn more

Almost thirty

This is the story of Emilio, a young professional from the northern Mexico living in Mexico City. Althought at first glance Emilio seems to have everything he ever wanted, he feels that something is missing in his life. Learn more

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About us

Neverlanding Pictures is a Mexican distributor of independent content. It operates in Mexico and USA. The aim of its creation is to be able to show through the distribution of film and video, the art proposals of the Mexican and Latin American artists.

Our interest is the commercial film with authorial vision, video art and audiovisual installations. In cinema, we look for a combination of Film Art with commercial cinema or Contemporary. In the audiovisual art, artists with unique pieces and visions. We distinguish ourselves by betting on risky projects, with great production values. To Neverlanding no matter the genre but the script and the way in which the story is told.

The logo or emblem of our company is represented by a comet, which represents our audiovisual content flying into a cloud, this is related to the new ways to distribute and display content (innovation) also means the importance of taking a flight (risk).

In 2014, year of its opening, Neverlanding Pictures became the Mexican distributor number # 6 of 20 distributors of Mexican content with more audience.

Neverlanding Pictures SAPI has offices in Mexico City and Los Angeles CA.


Luminus Awards (CANACINE)

4 nominations

Ariel (AMAAC)

3 nominations

Diosas de Plata (PECIME)

8 nominations