The distributor Neverlanding Pictures is about to release the official trailer for the movie Los Jefes, starring Cartel de Santa, which will be available in the coming months in cinema. Los Jefes is the premier opera of Chiva MF, whose career includes the direction of music videos for groups such as Genitallica and Santa’s own Cartel. The production of this film began in 2013 and is developed entirely in the municipality of Santa Catarina located in Monterrey, Nuevo León. It is musicalized by the group Cartel de Santa with special original themes for this feature. To start with the promotion of the film the group has interrupted their tour to start the tour of “The Bosses”, to inform you about future presentations do not forget to follow them on their Facebook / CartelDeSantaOficial page. Soon you will be able to find the official poster in cinemas as well as the trailer. For now we leave you with the official video clip of the song Suena Mamalona containing scenes from the movie.